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My blog, containing personal opinions on the Web but also on my life as a parent and a citizen.

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Optimizing Jekyll build time

Being more and more tired of WordPress and its galaxy of dubious-quality plugins, I decided to migrate to a static site generator three years ago. After a few tries with other solutions, I decided to migrate to Jekyll, whose community seemed more mature to me.

After three years working on Jekyll, I’m starting to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the solution, but I am far from mastering its mysteries. I tweaked it to publish multilingual content, developed my own plugins, integrated pieces of architecture I discovered in some of my friends’ repos… Let’s say I’m quite used to it now.

But nowadays, my Jekyll build looked less like the famous doctor than the Frankenstein monster: a patchwork of code roughly tied together by delicate strings, slowly moving as it moans.

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On the table next to us, the waitress bring a “noisette” (an espresso with a dash of hot milk). My 7-year old, outragely whispering:

Dad, you should say something. I think they’re lying to the poor lady who doesn’t know the difference between coffee and hazelnut!

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Jesus’ bathroom

When the kids talk about Jesus and God with each other (I would like to point out that we are not believers, but there is nothing disrespectful in these words), it helps us to understand what they are learning from the way they are being educated:

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Question of the older one on what’s “surgery”. What it is, and what it’s for. So, I tried to explain….

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